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Old Edinburgh walking tour 

Explore Edinburgh's famous Old Town and walk in the footsteps of some of our most fascinating historical characters! 

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5 star rated on Tripadvisor

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Your private Old Edinburgh walking tour

The Old Edinburgh walking tour is a great way to learn about the history of this fascinating city.


This private tour will guide you through the streets of the Old Town, whilst you hear stories about the lives of some of the people who lived here.  Important buildings and locations will be pointed out to you throughout the tour.  Our guide, Robert, will use images from our archive to illustrate his stories and show you how different parts of Edinburgh looked in the past.

This private tour of Edinburgh has an average five-star rating on Tripadvisor and a Badge of Excellence from Viator. 

Old Edinburgh walking tour details

  • A superb introduction to the Old Town and also to Scotland's history.

  • Two-hour long walking tour.

  • English language.

  • Private tour.

  • See today's Old Town and also learn about long-lost buildings and past events.

  • Gradients and uneven paving throughout the tour.  One set of steps.

  • This tour has an average rating of five stars on Tripadvisor.

  • Viator Badge of Excellence winner.


  • £55 total price for a private tour for 1-4 people.

  • £70 total price for a private tour for  5-8 people.

  • £60 evening price for 1-4 people/£80 for 5-8 people.

  • Please email for evening tours or larger group sizes.

  • We don't charge for family members of 16 and under.

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Some highlights from this guided tour

1647 Gordon of Rothiemay's birdseye view of Edinburgh

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Our meeting place for this tour

Greyfriars Kirkyard meeting place

Your guide will meet you just inside this gateway to Greyfriars Kirkyard, next to Greyfriars Bobby's Bar at the top of Candlemaker Row.

Google Maps shows only an approximate location.

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Edinburgh guide wears a kilt

Friendly guide - in a kilt!

Robert was born in Edinburgh and has lived here all his life. He researched all our tours and has an extensive knowledge of Edinburgh and her history.

refunds are easy

Quibble-free refund

We offer a full refund if you cancel your tour more than 12 hours before your tour is due to start.

conveniance is important


Your tour is private. Your guide can make some alterations to the route if needed. You've got the freedom to ask all the questions you want!

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Accessibility options

If you have someone with mobility requirements, please contact us in advance so we can offer some appropriate changes to the route.