Visit Edinburgh's Victoria Street (virtually!)

Old Edinburgh virtual tour 

Explore Edinburgh's famous Old Town from the comfort of your own home and (virtually) walk in the footsteps of some of our most fascinating historical characters! 


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Your private old Edinburgh virtual tour

Explore the Old Town of Edinburgh with a live guide!  Our award-winning Old Town tour has now been taken online.  Discover the people, places and events which shaped Edinburgh’s history as we take you on this interactive Old Edinburgh virtual tour!


We’ve been able to use our extensive archive, which included 360-degree ‘panoramic’ images.  These let your guide control the image and ‘look around’ just as if you were here.  You’ll see the streets of Edinburgh and hear the stories before you even set foot in the capital.  


We’ve included ‘then and now’ time travel scenes that allow you to see how locations looked in the past, and we’ve got lots of opportunities for interaction with your guide.  Where possible, Robert can even tailor aspects of the tour to best suit your group’s interests.


One and a half-hour virtual tour.

English language.

Accessibility information;

This virtual tour runs on 'Zoom'.  Subtitles will not be available for your live guide.


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£30 for a private tour - up to five devices can be linked to our tour.  Please contact us for prices for larger groups/more devices.

One and a 1/2 hour long virtual tour led by a live guide.

English language.

Click the 'contact us' button to go to our contact us page.  Let us know that it is the 'Old Edinburgh virtual tour' which you are most interested in and times/dates/days which are suitable for you.

How to pay;

We're only able to accept payment via PayPal.  Once we've agreed on the time for your virtual tour, we will send you a payment invoice and our PayPal payment information.


Some of the stories you'll hear and the sights you'll see...

These are just a few of the stories we tell on this virtual tour of Edinburgh.  Because this is a private tour, your guide, Robert, will have some scope to tailor this online experience to the things that most interest you.  So whilst we know there will be more stories to tell than the ones we've highlighted above, your tour may 'chop and change' stories and places to suit your requirements and interests.   Your Edinburgh guide can discuss these with you at the start of your private virtual tour.   

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